Monte Ciocci

Opened in 2013 and included in the Monte Mario Nature Reserve since 2016, the Monte Ciocci Park is one of the "youngest" parks in the city: a large green area between the Vatican and the Monte Mario district, a hill from which you can enjoy an exceptional panorama over almost all of Rome, and in particular over St. Peter's Basilica. The two old "casemates" south-east of the park date back to the end of the nineteenth century, part of the Fortified Walls of the Roman Enclosed Field. In the seventies, the hill was occupied by poor shacks of stragglers and workers: also for this reason it was chosen by Ettore Scola as the location of the film "Ugly, dirty and bad"
The "wild" nature, the meadows and the eucalyptus trees, planted in the 1930s to drain the very steep terrain, are among the pre-existing strengths of the park, in addition of course to the panoramic terrace with a privileged view of the "Dome" which, on fine days, it also allows you to see the mountains of Lazio in the background. In 2014, a five-kilometer long cycle / pedestrian path was also inaugurated inside it, with ten access points from traditional roads, connecting Monte Ciocci with Monte Mario.The track follows the old route of the Rome-Viterbo railway.
The company Risorse per Roma was entrusted with the executive design, developed in the two-year period 2006-2008, which took care of the hydraulic, safety and metric calculations and tender documents on behalf of the Municipality of Rome with specialist contributions, entrusting the landscape design of the park to the Architects M. Antonini - S. Ferretti - S. Quilici and the design of the playground and furnishings to the architect R. Liorni.

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