Villa Livia

The architectural structure is immersed in a park that enhances the high coast morphology, open to the Adriatic Sea and the Tremiti islands. The goal of the Masterplan is to identify future lines of action on which to build a new business development plan. The first indications are hypothesized from the analysis of the existing situation, criticalities and potential of the location.

For the characterization of the site, the following studied were carried out: Photographic survey, Microclimatic analysis, Landscape analysis, Criticality of the vegetation, Survey of external flooring, furnishings, and lighting.

These analyzes led to the choices contained in the Masterplan: Enhancement of the entrances to Villa Livia, Study of the internal entrances, Identification and enhancement of the entrances to the individual functions, Proposal of external and internal signage, Enhancement of the potential as a location for wedding and events.

As an initial implementation of the Masterplan in 2021 we proceeded with a pilot project: the cork oak garden. It is a xeric garden, characterized using species with strong architectural characterization arranged in two lateral bands. In the center, metal arches covered with perforated aluminum sheet have been created, to accompany the arrival of guests for ceremonies and events.

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