Maremma Chiarone

The brief for the design of this project was to create a garden from a completely barren sloped land which suffered from erosion and minor landslides. In teamwork with geologists, we designed a terraced garden which reduced the speed of the stormwater and created the opportunity for a fruit tree orchard. The stormwater is now collected in a pond at the bottom of the property and reused for irrigation.

The design aimed at a clear transition from garden to the landscape of the Maremma with agricultural fields and olive trees. The "infinity effect" of the swimming-pool is visually applied to the garden, too.

The plant palette included mostly Mediterranean plant, like olive, almond and carob trees along with Pistacia lentiscus, Vitex agnus-castus and lavender shrubs. We also deviated from this palette and yielding form the heavy clay soil we planted Rosa rugosa 'Alba’, which although a long way from its original Siberian habitat did extremely well.

Designed in collaboration with: Anselmi Attiani Architetti Associati

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